Dog diaper pattern

Hey guys we are back from vacation!! Tara and I have many projects for new patterns this season. Today I want to present a must-have and practical pattern for puppies (or kittens of course!), the dog diaper pattern !!

Dog diaper

This pattern is to make a dog diaper that can be used as sanitary panties for female dogs in heat, or in cases of incontinence or to protect this area after dog’s surgery.

Dog diaper pattern

Dog diaper patterns

Here are some pictures of Tara with her new diaper:

Dog with diaper

The canine model Tara wears a diaper size L:

Diaper dog

Puppy with diaper

Dog nappy

Although some time ago I published the panties pattern which is similar and actually does the same function (you can see it here) this dog diaper pattern has some important improvements that I want to tell.

This pattern is more high waisted to fit better, this way prevent to fall down the diaper because this one of the problems we have as they don’t have hips like us.

Furthermore, this pattern consists of a single piece with savings in seams. Being open is much easier to fit the dog as it hasn’t to put the legs through the holes, something that is sometimes difficult, especially if the animal is moved or playful. By being open we can also use fabrics that are not be elastic, more firmer to make a support greater.

Dog pants

Another advantage of this pattern is that the Velcro strips can be optimally adjusted to the waist size of your pet. And since the velcro closes in the back, the puppy can not get to take off the garment.

Well after seeing all the advantages let’s get started with the instructions.

This time the pattern is 1, and must be cut with the fabric folded in half to avoid a center seam.

Cut dog diaper

Remember that must cut two equal pieces because the garment is twofold. One part is for the lining or inner fabric and the other is for the outer fabric.

You also must cut a long strip for the binding (all around the edge) and another short strip for the tail’s hole. Obviously if you do not have a long strip you have to splice several strip pieces.

Strip diaper

But if you are still a sewing novice don’t worry you can skip this step and make the dog diaper without binding to make it easier.

There is a mark on the pattern to indicate where the tail’s hole goes, however it is very important that before you cut the circle check that this is the right place and size for your dog.

hole dog diaper

Once we have the two pieces cut out with holes we can start sewing.

You have to measure your dog’s waist and choose the correct size, to do that please follow the table below:

Dog sizing chart waistline

Please note that you have to measure your dog’s WAIST, NOT CHEST, so measures should be taken at the waistline, the narrow point of the abdomen between the ribcage and hips.

Measure with the pet standing up, just in front of hind legs.


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1.Sew one side of the short strip around the hole of the first piece. Sew with right sides facing together.

Sew dog diaper

2.Extend the second piece on the table right side up and place the large strip all the way around with the folded edge to the inside.

Make dog nappy

3. Now cover this second piece with the first one (which has the short strip sewn around the hole). Place with right sides facing together like a sandwich with the binding strip between.

Dog heat diaper

Make pants

4. Sew all around except a few inches so you could turn the garment right side out.

Sew dog nappy Sew pants

5.Turn right side out. It should look like the image below, one side and the other.

Sew diaper

Sew the part that is open folding a little the raw edge.

Sew dog diaper

6. Pass the loose strip to the other side of the hole and sew the edge bending slightly. In this case I’ve sewn it by hand.

Hole for dog

7. Sew four strips of velcro and you’re done!!!



Please note that the largest patterns are split into 2 or more pages,so you have to print and cut out and join them together (with glue or tape) to get the entire pattern.

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Important: please read this before printing the patterns:

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Hope you enjoy it!