Dog pajamas pattern

Well, friends today finally I bring you possibly the most requested dog clothes pattern of the history! ja ja ja! Yes, yes, many of you have asked for it… so I’m very glad to present you this fantastic dog pajamas pattern!

dog pajamas pattern

Once again I’ve used a person T-shirt to make this PJ. Of course, we love very much recycle!

Pajamas for dogs

dog clothes

I want to remind you that the six sizes are standard and in some cases you will have to modify a little the pattern to the measures of your pet.

Here some pictures of Tara wearing her pajamas…

dogs pajamas pattern

dog pajamas dog PJ pajamas for dog dog pyjama


Making a dog pajamas is especially complex because it must perfectly match the body length and chest girth in each particular dog and naturally not all dogs have the same proportions. Some breeds of dogs are short, broad and burly, some are thinner and longer, others have short legs like my Tara and others very long.

As an example, I will tell you that Tara’s measurements match perfectly with size M in terms of neck and chest girth but is slightly longer, so I had to add a few cm on the body length to her pajamas pattern respect to the original M size.

So here I leave you a graphic scheme that will help you in case that you need to enlarge the pattern, then you will know where you have to increase the pattern but still keeping the original shape.

how enlarge pattern

Remember that the chest girth measurement is the most important, you must always choose the size according to this measure!

and then lengthen the pattern as needed:

Pink: if the length of the body is too short then you have to add a few inches/cm in the pink zone.

Yellow: if the sleeves or legs are too short add a few inches/cm in the yellow zone

Green: If the sleeves or legs are too narrow add a few inches/cm in the green zone.

If instead you have to make a smaller pattern you can simply make the seams or hems wider than seam allowance indicated in the pattern or you can also cut the pattern a few inches/cm all around before sewing.

I always recommend to test first with paper and check all is in the correct size before cutting the fabric.

Patterns are:

FRONT: cut this pattern with the fabric folded in half
BACK: cut this pattern with the fabric folded in half
SLEEVE: cut 2 opposite or mirror pieces, you can cut it with right sides facing together. Like this, you will get the right sleeve and the left.
NECKBAND: cut this pattern with the fabric folded in half
CUFF: cut 4.

Cutting pajamas patterns

At the end of this post, I will show you how to sew the cuffs and the neckband.

Purchase this pattern in

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Purchase this pattern in

  • All Sizes


Once we’ve already cut out all the patterns we can start sewing.

Cut out pajamas patterns

First, sew the shoulders seams .Place the “Front” and “Back” pieces with right sides facing together. Sew at shoulders and finish with a zig zag to prevent fraying. Do NOT sew down the sides of the pajamas yet.

Sew pajamas shoulders

Now attach the sleeves to the bodice. Place the sleeve and bodice with right sides of the fabric facing together. First, assemble the sleeves with pins all around the armhole curve starting at the center of the shoulder and working outwards. Make sure both pieces match up and sew. Overlock this seam to ensure no fraying. Do not worry if the sleeve piece is a bit longer than the armhole line, just cut off the extra.

Sew pajamas sleeve

The next step is to sew the sleeve seam and the bodice side seam and all in one seam.

With the sleeve folded in half on top pin the sleeves and side seams together. Make sure you match the underarm seam lines.

Sew the sleeves starting from the wrist all the way down, around the armpit, and down the entire side of the pajamas and zig zag.

Sewing sleeve

Continue sewing the hind legs seams.

Sewing dog pajamas

Make a hem all around the belly hole and finish with zig zag stitch. If this area is still a little loose you can pass a thin elastic to fit more. Note that the dog must be able to lie down and have complete freedom of movement when wearing the pajamas.

Hem detail

Finally, sew the neckband and cuffs .


This is how I’ve sewn the cuffs:

Place the cuff pattern over the fabric and cut out the cuff strip.

Fold the strip widthwise , with right sides facing together and sew a seam at the raw edge to make a closed circle (by the wrong side).

cuff strip

Now fold your cuff in half lengthwise (by the foldline on the pattern) with right side out like image below. I recommend to ironing well this fold.

cuff sleeve

Try on your cuff. If it fits well, continue. Otherwise adjust as necessary.

Place the folded cuff all around over the outside of the end of the sleeve as you can see in the image below. The folded edge of the cuff goes down toward the top of the sleeve (like a cuff that has been rolled up). Match the cuff raw edges with the sleeve raw edges and pin. Sew and finish with a zig zag stitch the edge seam to prevent fraying.

Roll out the cuff and ready!

sewing cuffs

Note: We can also sew the cuffs before attaching the sleeves to the bodice and close the sleeve and cuff all at once later like I did make the sweater but then you can see the cuff seam from outside and this doesn’t look good.

However, the other option is better for very small and narrow sleeves because it is more difficult to sew the cuff to a closed sleeve if the hole is so small.

Make the same with the neckband.

And you’re done!!

Dog clothes


Please note that the largest patterns are split into 2 or more pages,so you have to print and cut out and join them together (with glue or tape) to get the entire pattern.

Purchase this pattern in

  • All Sizes

Purchase this pattern in

  • All Sizes

Important: please read this before printing the patterns:

How to measure your dog for clothing
Dog clothing sizing chart
Tips for printing patterns

Hope you enjoy it!


  • June Young says:

    Just rescued a chinese crested mix..Had terrible skin,but with his new pjs he cant scratch himself open,Thank you so much for taking your time to help others…He loves them..going to make a few more for the coming winter

  • Anonymous says:

    Hi thanks for the patten kan you tell med the size for each xs, s, m, l, xl thanks:-) (the back in cm?)

  • Hello, I'm able to fill in the blanks, but just letting you know that in the XXL size, the front piece does not line up with the back piece, nor do the 4 pages of the front piece even line up with each other. Thank you.

  • Trix Quirk says:

    Thanks a lot for the pattern �� I made one for our yorkie!

  • Please, come back and give us more ideas.

  • vivian yun says:

    Did you do the sewing by hand or did you use a sewing machine? Is it possible to do it by hand?

  • lazytart says:

    Can you give me a little help on your fix? I'm new to sewing and am not quite sure about my guesswork.

  • Oh I wrote out a whole post but it didn't seem to go through.

    Anyway thanks for the pattern! It was lovely! I put up an album to share, feel free to use the images if you wish.

    The measurements worked out almost exactly! It was just the chest area which was slightly big on my girl, so I sewed a line down the middle to take it in.

    Also you can see that I added in a small fleece neckline, approximately 1.5cm

    Thanks so much, this was by far the best one I have found online, not to mention great for beginners!

  • Anonymous says:


    How do I know which size to make for my dog. Do you have an average measurement that works for each size?

  • Anonymous says:

    In the search window on the right, put in 'clothing chart' and a sizing chart can be found.

  • Anonymous says:

    I can't piece the pattern together

  • Anonymous says:

    Thank you Mimi fro great patterns-just made pj's for my 2 Chines Crested. I have very basic sawing skills but all 7 of outfits turned up great. My smaller dog – Bailea fits almost perfect to M size and my bigger puppy – Fendi needed L with some adjustments – just needed to shrink front piece and lengthen the legs. I am so inspired that I have intention to try some other outfits as well. Wish I could send you the pictures.

  • Anonymous says:

    I love your pattern but can't seem to print it so that will line up. I've printed it several times but the pattern pieces dont' match. Any tips would be appreciated, Erin

  • Anonymous says:

    be sure you have "actual size" and not "fit to page" selected in your print settings.

  • Lynn S says:

    I adjusted the xxl to meet my dogs measurements, but he is a boxer and has a huge chest. The adjustments don't mention adding to the shoulder measurements and that is where I'm stuck. My adjustments worked except his chest area has nothing covering it, because the shoulder is way to small. Help!

  • Anonymous says:

    I have a husky/lab mix and he is bigger than the xxl, how do I adjust the patterns to fit him? Neck 19", Chest 28" and Length 28"

  • Anonymous says:

    Wow! How easy was this for my first attempt. Your photos really helped me too as I'm a visual learner. Thank you so much! Youre going to save me a lot of money. Xxx

  • Anonymous says:

    You are aMAZing; thank you SO much for sharing your expertise!!!

  • I'm having trouble with this as well. I have a Greyhound. His chest is 33in and length 32in! I'm HOPING that I'll be able to wing it with this one…. this is my first sewing adventure.

  • PLeASe!!! Does anyone know how to make the patterns smaller?? I need an xxs and an xxxs. If someone could help me that would be AMaZiNg!!!! Thanks

  • kanga says:

    just finished the xs pajamas for my 15 year old chi, she loves them and so do I. thanks so much xx

  • Karen says:

    Thank you so much for sharing your pattern without charge to all of us ….. I have looked all over for this and finally found YOU …. we have two male hairless doggies (Curly & Loki) and they wanted me to tell you “thank you” …. I have made 3 so far and plan on making more. I use our sons old t-shirts with graphics, so they are extra cool.

  • Tammy Moll says:

    Thank you for the wonderful patterns

  • Daisy's Mom says:

    I sew for my dogs by hand. I just make sure the seams are sewn twice and the edges won’t unravel. Her winter coat from last year still looks like I just made it. Daisy and her best bud have similar blue jean coats made from the sleeves of an old blue jean, flannel lined jacket. Happy sewing.

  • Valdici says:

    Olá boa noite! Amei está site muito interessante