Dog boots patterns

These dog boots are very easy to make and will protect our pets paws.

dog boots free patterns

First of all please remember that no matter how charming dogs can be with their booties (as you can see in the picture of my dog Tara 😉 boots and socks are not good for dogs because they need to wear down the claw nails with the natural friction when walking.

Nor are good the dog shoes with thick rubber soles that are too hard and do not allow natural movement of the paws and ankles when walking and may cause long run damage.

So the boots should always be soft to allow free movement and should be used only to protect, not fashion. In places where it is very cold and the ground can damage the dog’s paws from rocks or thorns, etc …, yes boots can be a good solution!

The fabric should be soft but strong, not too thin or too hard. Waterproof fabric can be used if we need to protect from rain but note that will cause a bad ventilation.

To prevent the boots from falling off, sew a strip with velcro tape on top so the shoes will be wrapped tightly on the ankle paws.

More homemade dog boots pics from other blogs :

In the area of the pads or sole, you can sew a circle with some non slip material (marked on the pattern with a gray circle).

Here you have the size chart.To measure the width of your dog’s paws, have the dog stand on a firm surface and measure a front foot at the widest part (see the red arrow below) and choose the size that most closely matches your measurement.
If you are between sizes choose the smaller size.

dog boots sizing chart

And here’s a preview of the pattern:

dog boots patterns

Optionally you can finish the boots by sewing a stretch cuff on top.

Remember to cut the pattern with the fabric on fold on the toe to avoid an annoying seam in that area.

Download the patterns in all sizes (XS-S-M-L-XL-XXL) below:

Important: please read this before printing the patterns:

How to measure your dog for clothing
Dog clothing sizing chart
Tips for printing patterns

Hope you enjoy it!!


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    Thank you so much for the patterns!

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    I have a hard time finding the right size at the pet stores she isn't a big dog around 45lbs but mediums are a hit and miss. Would it be easier to make the clothes for her my self… The only reason I want clothes on her is she has a very short coat and we live in mt and its very cold here in the winter. Want do you think bout it.

  • First, I have to say… I Love Tara – she is so beautiful. These booties are awesome. I like the fact they are soft and comfortable, it's so hard for dogs to get used to walking in them. Thanks so much for the patterns!

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    I can't thank you enough for all the wonderful patterns that you make and give away on your site. I am disabled and make lots of pet items to sell to raise money for rescues. Without your site and your generosity, I would not be able to donate to these rescues at all. Thank you again and God bless you!
    It sure looks like your dog LOVES modeling all of your designs!

  • Thanks a lot for sharing your patterns.
    Rgds Bibban

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    just a comment – if you make it lined, wit two layers, you can hide the seam inside and avoid the catching annoying seam at the toe! chloe s.

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    my dog is having surgery Thursday and the Vet recommended that she wear botties, had one heck of a time trying to make something that she would wear. your botties are going to help so much. thank you

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