Dog sanitary panty diaper nappy patterns

Many of you have asked me for a female dog sanitary panties, so here I bring you the patterns that can be used as a diaper with a sanitary napkin or simply like a cute shorts for summer time.

dog sanitary panty patterns diaper

There are several designs that can be done, for this design I was inspired by the image below, that seems pretty simple, comfortable and beautiful.

dog sanitary panty nappy free patterns

You have to measure your dog's waist and choose the correct size, to do that please follow the table below:

Size XS-8 inch waistline
Size S-10 inch waistline
Size M-12 inch waistline
Size L-14 inch waistline
Size XL-16 inch waistline
Size XXL-18 inch waistline

Please note that you have to measure your dog's WAIST, NOT CHEST, so measures should be taken at the waistline, the narrow point of the abdomen between the ribcage and hips.

If needed you can make bigger the dog's tail hole. It is necessary sew an elastic in the waistline or pass a ribbon to adjust well the panty with our dog's waist. Sew an elastic or binding on the holes for the legs and the tail too.

dog sanitary panty diaper free patterns

To decorate the panties, we can sew some bows, or a lace binding on the back.

I highly recommend sewing a lining in the intimate zone for more protection.

Please for this model use soft cotton and elastic fabric.

See below a preview of the dog's panty patterns: There are 2 patterns: the front and the back.

dog sanitary panty free patterns

Remember to cut the pattern with the fabric folded in half, so when unfold the fabric will get the complete piece of the front and the back.

Download the free dog panty patterns in six different sizes below:

Happy sewing!!


  1. hi could you make a pj pattern?? i cant find one anywhere!! and really want one for my shih tzu your patterns are so helpful!

    1. try sewing the panty diaper and the sweater together.It should work for a pj.

    2. I want to do something similar and I think instead of the panties, doing a sweater top half and the pants bottom half would work best.

  2. I would like to see a polo shirt pattern.
    Thank you

  3. finally patterns for these now i just need it in XXXL my dog is like 24 inches not 18 and she normally fits in XXL and XXXL.

  4. Hi Just add the difference in inches you need around each pattern piece :)

  5. I downloaded the size Medium, but it comes out too small! I have tried adjusting the printing scale but maybe I'm doing it wrong? When I cut it out, the waist is 5.5" long for each piece, and 4.5" tall. If I add elastic to the waist, it will make it much too small for a 12" waist.

    1. Hello Sewsweet, Yes I have also found the patterns a little small for the measurements they have given.
      Perhaps if you use the next size pattern, in your case try the Large Size pattern, it's easier to cut down a pattern to fit than it is too increase a smaller pattern.
      Good Luck,

  6. Are there any directions to sew them?

  7. Just wondering if you have a xxs size? I had a kitten with an incontinence problem, sadly she passed away as a result of the injury that made her incontinent, but I want to make some of all the sizes for the local animal shelter. "Little Girl" was a teeny teeny baby her waist was only about 5 inches. I can't really get the sizing rt since I don't have her here anymore to try them on for me. Thank you so very very much for sharing your awesome patterns with us all. I just hope of the shelter has some reusable diaper them as well as others who go there learn that an animal doesn't have to be put down just because they are not what we consider perfect. But Little Girl sure was close.

  8. I tried to make these for my little girl when she came in heat and they fit well, the only problem was the tail hole was too low and was more a hole for her private bits. I had to move the hole up towards the waist band

  9. Do you have a pattern for male dog bely bands? Awesome site, so appreciate these patterns. Thank you! Dog clothes can be so costly and the fit is never right for my Lahso. He is a stout boy in the chest.

  10. Awesome site! Thank you! Do you have pattern for those cute pajamas with the legs, like the old fashion long johns?

  11. where do I find instructions for your patterns?

    1. Yes, I agree anonymous. I love the patterns but there are no directions to go with them.