Santa Claus dog outfit patterns

Christmas time is coming, so here I let you these free patterns to make your own santa claus dog outfit.

santa claus dog clothes patterns

The patterns are inspired by the pretty model of the photo from pinkaholic brand, which is a bestseller every Christmas.

santa claus dog outfit patterns

Images of the final result:

santa claus dog clothes free patterns

The belt can be decorated with rhinestones or with a silverplated buckle.

Instead the buttons I preferred to put velcro.

santa claus dog costume patterns

santa claus dog clothes patterns

Preview image of all the patterns:

santa claus dog free clothes patterns

How to sew the patterns:

santa claus dog clothes sewing patterns

Do not forget to cut the "Back" pattern with the fabric folded in half so when unfolding you'll get the full piece. Look at the pdf patterns in order to know which way to fold it.
For the hood you have to cut 2 hood patterns with opposite side.

"Cut 2 opposite" means you have to cut two opposite pieces . You can do that putting two fabric pieces with right sides together or with the fabric folded (double). Place the pattern on top of the folded fabric and cut through both layers of fabric. You will end up with two opposite pieces.
"Fold here" means that you have to cut the pattern with the double fabric, folded in the area where it says "fold here" , when unfolding you'll get the full piece.

DOWNLOAD FREE PATTERNS in 6 different sizes below:
Please note that: the largest patterns are split into 2 or more pages, have to print, cut out and join them together to get the entire pattern.

Important: please read this before printing the patterns:

Happy sewing!!!


  1. Going to send out Xmas. Cards with my babys all dressed up

  2. This is an adorable outfit

  3. My babys are going to be so cute

  4. Lovely! My IG will be even more cute on christmas =)

  5. Well, I have neighbors who just got a little yorkypoo and he is so little still that I have to make the xs but his bigger "sister" a porky would take the small size. I got enough fabric a red velvety job that will make his and hers outfit for xmas. Love your free patterns thanks for putting them on line

  6. I made this for my dog (he's a beagle) and he looks adorable! Thank you so much for putting this pattern on the internet. I'm 13 and didn't find it too difficult. I will use your website in the future!