Dog Halloween Pumpkin Costume Patterns

This funny costume as Pumpkin Jack O Lantern for dogs is perfect for Halloween and it's very easy to make.

dog halloween pumpkin costume patterns

dog pumpkin costume patterns

dog pumpkin costume free patterns

Steps :
First, sew boths sides of the hood.
Second, sew the hood to the coat.
Besides, sew the green leaves and the trunk and then sew at the top of the hood.
Finally, sew the pumpkin face, eyes, nose and mouth.
To attach the coat, sew two strips or a tie with velcro on each side of the neck.

Here is the preview image of all the patterns to make the costume.

dog pumpkin costume cape patterns

Do not forget to cut the coat pattern with the fabric folded in half so when unfolding you'll get the full piece. Look at the pdf patterns in order to know which way to fold it.
For the hood you have to cut 2 hood patterns with opposite side.

DOWNLOAD FREE PATTERNS in 6 different sizes below:
Please note that: the largest patterns are split into 2 or more pages, have to print, cut out and join them together to get the entire pattern.

Important: please read this before printing the patterns:

Happy sewing!!



  1. Geting ready for local pet expo have to wear a costume. Trying to dress my babys for excited to find this site thank u

  2. Hope we get to win

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  4. My dog measures 17"neck, 32"chest, 34"length. She has Thyroidism and gets cold real easy, in the winter I would like to let her wear at least a Tshirt outside. No one makes patterns big enough for her. I dont want to spend the $ on buying one when I would rather make one. HELP

  5. What type of material should I make this costume out of?

  6. Thanks for writing the tutorial how to make the dog halloween costume

  7. should I sew on the 15 or 10 line?

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