Dog dress patterns

Hello everyone! Today I bring you a free patterns to make an adorable tutu dress for dogs. To design this model I've inspired in tulle fairy dresses for girls but more simple and comfy adapted for dogs. Obviously you can also use this patterns to make a charming ballerina dog dress.

This dress is very easy to sew and it is composed by two parts. The top of the dress is like a sleeveless t-shirt slightly adjusted to the body and with no openings. For the top I recommend to use cotton stretch fabric or t-shirt fabric.

Dog Coat Pattern

Hello friends and followers of the blog, hope you're well, this year we will start with a very simple pattern that wanted to do since a long time, the dog coat pattern.

dog coat pattern

It is a very simple and very suitable coat for fall or spring because covers the back but leaves the paws and chest bared.

Dog Tuxedo Jacket Patterns

As we promised, the patterns to make a tuxedo jacket for dogs are ready!! This is the second part that combined with the vest we made in the previous post, you can get a complete tuxedo suit.

dog tuxedo jacket pattern

Remember you can download the tuxedo vest pattern here.

Dog Tuxedo Vest Pattern

Hi friends and followers, we are here again. For this Christmas we propose an elegant tuxedo for male dogs that we will present in two parts. This is the first part consisting of a simple tuxedo vest dog. For the second part we are preparing a tuxedo jacket to combine with the vest.

dog tuxedo vest pattern

The tuxedo is a pattern that you have asked for many times and it is perfect to wear in Christmas and to attend celebrations, galas, weddings or special parties.

Dog witch costume patterns

Hi guys! the scariest night is here, the night of Halloween!! Like every year Tara and I celebrate it with enthusiasm. This year we suggest the classic witch costume for dogs.

For this we used the christmas dress pattern but without the collar pattern and adding some small modifications and embellishments.

Dog diaper pattern

Hey guys we are back from vacation!! Tara and I have many projects for new patterns this season.
Today I want to present a must-have and practical pattern for puppies (or kittens of course!), The dog diaper pattern !!

dog diaper

This pattern is to make a diaper that can be used as sanitary panties for female dogs in heat, or in cases of incontinence or to protect this area after dog's surgery.

Dog pajamas pattern

Well friends today finally I bring you possibly the most requested dog clothes pattern of the history! ja ja ja!, yes, yes, many of you have asked for it... so I'm very glad to present you this fantastic dog pajamas pattern!

dog pajamas pattern

Once again I've used a person T-shirt to make this pj.
Of course we love very much recycle!

Dog Sweater Patterns

We're back guys! Today I wanted to share with you a pattern to make a sweater for dogs. But this time different, of course!

dog sweater

Since previous sweater patterns we made were with raglan sleeve now we gonna make a sweater with a basic sleeve which begins at the shoulder and not at the neck as in the case of raglan sleeve.

Dog shirt patterns

Hello everybody! How are you? I hope you are fine. We are very happy because after many days working we can finally share with you these dog shirt patterns that I wanted to do a long time ago, and many times you have asked me.

Dog shirt pattern

It is perfect for male puppies, gives them a very formal and elegant look.
This will be the first of several shirt designs I plan to do. It will be the first and most simple for those who need to make a shirt but the easiest way possible.
Later I will create other shirt designs with more details and complexity, more formal, suitable for ceremonies and special days.

Dog Christmas Dress Patterns

Oh oh oh Christmas is here!! Elves are already working wrapping gifts, reindeer ready to go, holiday street lights and carols ringing... And you? Are you ready? Not yet?

Dog christmas dress patterns

Well don't worry because Tara and I have the patterns ready to sew this exclusive and charming christmas dress for dogs

Dog bat wings hat patterns

Hi girls!! We are here again! Tara and I like Halloween and we never miss this party!

Dog with bat wings hat
Hi girls!! Ready to Halloween?!!

Today I want to teach you how to make this cute bat wings hat for your dog, your cat or for your little pet.

Dog summer dress patterns (pillowcase style)

A few days ago my dog Tara saw a dress she liked so I had to make one similar and today I bring you the patterns to make this cute dress for dogs, perfect for summer or spring.

free dog dress sewing patterns

This is a pillowcase style dress and it is very easy to make.

Dog boots patterns

These dog boots are very easy to make and will protect our pets paws.

dog boots free patterns

First of all please remember that no matter how charming dogs can be with their booties (as you can see in the picture of my dog Tara ;) boots and socks are not good for dogs because they need to wear down the claw nails with the natural friction when walking.

Dog winter dress patterns

For the most vain dogs here I bring you the patterns to make this lovely winter dress with long sleeve and pleated skirt.

dog dress patterns

Many thanks to our friend Shirakawa who sent me the patterns of this pretty dress. Below you can see her dog wearing the dress.

Count dracula dog cape patterns

Halloween is nearly here so today I bring you the patterns to sew a vampire or Count Dracula cape for dogs very simple and easy to make.

Dog dracula patterns

There are 2 patterns : one for the cape and another for the collar piece. This cape will look great with a black exterior and red lining interior then you have to cut two equal pieces of cape pattern and two equal pieces of collar pattern.

Bumble bee dog costume patterns

This bee costume for dogs is one of the many beautiful designs you can make with the hooded dog sweater patterns. Perfect for Halloween!!
These images were sent by our friend Dayana.

dog bee costume patterns free

For this model you need yellow and black fabric.

Dog Hoodie patterns

Thanks to our friend Dayana, who sent me the pattern of the hood, now we can make a dog hooded sweater.
Below some photos of Dayana's dog with a pink hoodie.

dog hoodie patterns

This model is made with the dog sweater raglan sleeve pattern and adding the hood pattern.