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plaqueoff for dogs

Today I´m going to talk about my experience with a product, PlaqueOFF, that long time ago I wanted to tell you but I haven´t had time until now. A year ago my dog Tara had a problem, its mouth increasingly smelled bad and when looking in the mouth I saw its teeth were dirty with a lot of plaque. In a routine revision I asked the veterinarian if we should make it a cleaning and he said that even though was dirty, at the moment it was not advisable and we had to wait for it to have more to perform a mouth cleaning. The vet told me that to perform a dental cleaning in a dog they have to be put to sleep, and besides, putting anesthesia to an animal is a risk and it was better to wait until it was dirtier.

Tara is seven years old and we have never made it a mouth cleaning before. She is very gluttonous and daily eats some home-cooked food besides the dog food, which as the vet told me makes her accumulate even more tartar. When I got home I searched the web for alternatives to the mouth cleaning that were more natural, but effective.

Searching through forums I found a person that had used a product called PlaqueOff for dogs and had gone very well, as I saw was an algae-based powder that you put in food. I kept looking for reviews since others said that it didn´t work. Otherwise, I was scared because it said it was not recommended for dogs with thyroid treatment, as it contains iodine, and we had to ask the vet before giving it. I asked my vet if my dog could have any problems by taking this product, he said there was no inconvenient in trying and that if I could see any unusual symptom I just had to stop giving it to her.

After seeing the spectacular pictures through internet of people that have tried it and it has worked wonderfully I decided to buy it. It cost me about 30 dollars. It is a small bottle, about 40 grams, it has a brown-green colored powder and comes with a measuring spoon. For Tara who weighs 5 kg needed 1 spoon a day. Since after the first dosages didn´t show any symptom that was making her feel bad we kept on giving her during several weeks.

After two weeks approximately my husband told me that its mouth didn´t smell bad anymore. I hadn´t noticed. But it was true gradually the smell had reduced in just two weeks!! I looked its teeth and but they were the same.

To be able to prove if there was a change with the treatment we took some pictures before giving it to be able to see the before and after. After two months we checked the results. Not only the tartar didn’t go worse, but it had reduced. I checked the pictures I took earlier before giving PlaqueOff for dogs and it had effectively been reduced. As you can see in the pictures below:

plaqueOff for dogs

Between each of the photos it has been two months and the breath, even though you can´t smell, smells like flowers. Well, not so much, but I promise it doesn´t smell bad at all.

plaqueoff for dogs

After giving it for about two months we decided for her to rest a little bit of taking PlaqueOff for dogs and now when we see that its mouth smells again (after several weeks), we give it back during some days until the bad breath is gone. The plaque has not been completely eliminated, especially in the part of the molar which was the worst, but we keep it without accumulating more tartar.


To be effective you must give your dog PlaqueOff daily. The dose that should take depends on the weight of the dog, if it weighs less than 10 kg between ½ and 1 tablespoon, if it weights between 10 and 25 kg 1-2 tablespoonful and over 25g 2 tablespoons. The jar of plaqueoff comes with a measuring spoon. You may start with a smaller dose at the beginning so it gets used to it and gradually turns up at the recommended dose for their weight.

PlaqueOff can be used by all cats and dogs, but you must be careful if the dog has problems with the thyroid, since the algae Ascophyllum nodosum have a high iodine content. Before administering the product consult with your veterinarian. You should also consult your veterinarian if your dog is pregnant.

The effects begin to be seen from 2-3 weeks, but it depends on the animal and the most advanced that the tartar is in the teeth. PlaqueOff is not a substitute for tooth brushing, but a complement,
will help remove plaque and tartar and keep your pet’s mouth clean.


I can’t say that this product may substitute a professional mouth cleaning but I do recommend it especially for those dogs with bad breath and those who have not yet accumulated tartar. With this product they won´t ever accumulate it.

The sooner you start using PlaqueOff for dogs less tartar it will accumulate and better health will have. It is easier to avoid the accumulation of tartar when teeth are clean than to eliminate tartar that has been accumulating for years as it was my case. If had known about this product before, possibly Tara would not have any tartar now. That is why it is recommended to start using when the animal has got its permanent teeth. If the dog has tartar already of years it can also be used, my dog started taking it when she was 6 years and has improved a lot its mouth.

The bottle goes a long way since you use so little at a time. I have the same bottle from the beginning. It is worthy to pay less than 20 dollars considering that a mouth cleaning in the vet may cost up to 450 dollars. And if some of you have tried plaqueOff for dogs I would like to read your personal experiences!

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