Dog witch costume patterns

Hi guys! the scariest night is here, the night of Halloween!! Like every year Tara and I celebrate it with enthusiasm. This year we suggest the classic dog witch costume.

Witch dog costume

For this we used the christmas dress pattern but without the collar pattern and adding some small modifications and embellishments.

The patterns are 5:

Cut out witch patterns

BACK: cut with the fabric folded in half.
SKIRT: cut with the fabric folded in half. Note that the skirt pattern is longer than the waist strip because it goes gathered.
FRONT:cut 2 one of each side of pattern piece so you have 2 opposite pieces.
SLEEVE:cut 2 one of each side of pattern piece so you have 2 opposite pieces, right sleeve and left sleeve.
WAIST STRIP:cut the fabric folded in half to make it twice as long.

Also I cut two sleeves and skirt in lilac chiffon.

Furthermore, both the sleeves and the skirt I finished making peaks with scissors.

Witch dog dress

At back side we sew satin ribbon doing crosses like a bodice and finished with a bond.

Dog costume

For the waist strip I used satin ribbon wider but you can use any fabric.

witch costume dog

Now some pictures of Tara wearing her new witch costume:

Witch dog costume pattern

Witch costume pattern


1. Sewing the placket: First sew zig zag stitch the raw edge of the front pieces, then fold the placket inwards (with wrong sides facing together) and sew it.

Sew placket

2. Sewing the shoulders. Sew the fronts and back of the dress together at the shoulders and zig zag.

Sew sholders

3. Sew the collar seam.

Sew collar

4. Sewing the sleeves: If you use two fabrics sew it together.

Sew costume

5. Pin the sleeves and side seams together and sew the sleeves starting from the cuff all the way down, around the armpit, and down the entire side of the dress and zig zag.

Sew sleeves

6. Sew the ribbon at the back like a bodice.

Sew ribbon bodice

Sew bodice

7. Sew the waist ribbon.

Sew bond

8. Sewing the skirt: Sew the waist strip to the gathered skirt and zig zag this seam. If you use two fabric like me, sew it together.

9. Make buttonholes and sew the buttons.

and ready!

Witch dog dress ready


Print the hat template and cut out the size you prefer, the cone and the circle. Tara use S size. I recommend choosing a slightly smaller size because is more funny and comfortable for the dog, as it will weigh less and will not fall out. Place the template over the hat material and mark all around. I’ve used eva rubber but you can also use thick felt.

Make witch hat

Cut out and paste with the flap inside. We have the cone!

Now do the same with the circle that makes hat wing. Mark the template and cut out. Do not forget to also trim the lines are marked in the center of the circle.

How make witch hat

Bend the tabs slightly to the center and put glue. Paste the tabs one on one with care inside the cone.

Witch hat

Make witch hat pattern

Let it dry and you have your hat ready!!! Now we just have to decorate it. I’ve placed a black ribbon in spiral on the cone and also on the wing’s edge.

Dog witch hat

Do not forget to sew a rubber / elastic or ribbon to tie the hat and not drop. Sure that your pet will always feel comfortable.

Witch costume pattern


Please note that: the largest patterns are split into 2 or more pages,have to print and cut out and join them together to get the entire pattern.

Important: please read this before printing the patterns:

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Tips for printing patterns

Happy Halloween!

Hope you enjoy it!