Dog Sweater Patterns

We’re back friends! Today I want to share with you a pattern to make a dog sweater. But this time different, of course!

Dog sweater

Since previous sweater patterns we made were with raglan sleeve now we gonna make a sweater with a basic sleeve which begins at the shoulder and not at the neck as in the case of raglan sleeve.

I wanted to make a sweater from one of my husband’s t shirts that he never wears.
This is a good way to recycle and save! Highly recommended!
See below the result!

Sweater for dog

This pattern is very simple and it will be very useful as a base to create other designs that I will show you later.

Patterns are :
1. The front (or chest)
2. Back
3. Sleeve
4. Neckband
5. Cuff

Dog with sweater

Tara wears M size and she is having fun in the garden!

Dog with jersey


As an optional extra you have a bone pdf pattern to make an applique.

Further down the post I will show you a little trick on how to make appliques easily and stick them with no sewing!

With this bone pattern you can also sew a great toy or cushion for your pet! In the printing template there are several bone sizes, so you can choose the most suitable.

Dog clothes pattern

You may also be adding the hood pattern to make a hoodie. In this case don’t need the neckband.

These patterns can also be used to make a T-shirt with sleeves if we use a thinner jersey fabric. In this case only need to add the neck strip and make a hem at the end of the sleeves and at the bottom of the garment.

Sweater pattern

Keep in mind that this is a design to fit over the dog’s head so the fabric we use in this model should be elastic.

To make the sweater we can use fleece, knitted or thick jersey fabric.
To make the shirt we can use thinner jersey fabric ( t-shirt fabric).
Remember that it is always preferable to use cotton fabrics for our pet’s clothes!

Dog with sweater

Tara with sweater

FRONT: cut this pattern with the fabric folded in half.
BACK : cut this pattern with the fabric folded in half.
SLEEVE: cut 2 opposite pieces, you can cut it with right sides facing together. Like this, you will get the right sleeve and the left.
NECKBAND: cut this pattern with the fabric folded in half.
CUFF:cut 2

Dog sweater patterns

Once we’ve already cut out all the patterns we can start sewing.

Dog sweater pattern

Purchase this pattern in

  • All Sizes

Purchase this pattern in

  • All Sizes


Sewing the shoulder seams. Place the “Front” and “Back” pieces with right sides facing together. Sew the fronts and back of the sweater together at the shoulders, and zig zag to prevent fraying. Do NOT sew down the sides of the sweater yet.

Sewing sweater shoulders

Now it’s the time to sew the strip at the end of the sleeve to make the cuffs, before to attach them to the bodice.

If you prefer you can make a simple hem to finish the sleeve (recommended in t-shirts)
Another option is to fold outward the end of the sleeve and edge stitch to make the cuff (recommended in informal shirts).

Sweater sleeve pattern

Attach the sleeve to the bodice. Place the sleeve and bodice with right sides of the fabric facing together. Pin the sleeve all around the armhole curve starting at the center of the shoulder and working outwards. Make sure both pieces match up and sew. Overlock this seam to ensure no fraying. Do not worry if the sleeve piece is a bit longer than the armhole line, just cut off the extra.

Sewing sweater sleeve

When you’re done it should look like this.

Sewing sleeve

Repeat the same process with the other sleeve.

The next step is to sew the bodice side seam and sleeve seam all in one seam.
With the sleeve folded in half on top pin the sleeves and side seams together. Make sure you match the underarm seam lines.
Sew the sleeves starting from the cuff all the way down, around the armpit, and down the entire side of the sweater and zig-zag.

Sewing dog sweater

Repeat the same with the other side seam and turn right side out. It should look like this

dog sweater

Now we just have to sew the neckband and the bottom band:

Sew the neckband and finish with zig-zag.

sweater neckband sweater neckband

Sew the bottom band and finish with zig-zag.

sweater bottom band sweater bottom band

Finished dog sweater:

dog sweater

As you can see something is missing to complete our model entirely … Exactly! we still have to make the applique bones. So now I’m gonna explain to you how I’ve stuck my appliques using double sided stick hem tape.

It is important that you use only tape specially for clothes . Of course you can also use an iron on hem tape.

First download and print the bone template that you can find at the end of the post. Select and cut out the bone pattern size that you prefer . Cut a piece of fabric of your choice with the same size as the bone pattern:

Bone applique

Cover all the wrong side of the fabric piece with double-sided tape strips:

Make fabric applique

Then place the bone paper pattern onto the tape strips and mark the bone silhouette. Cut out the bone.

Sweater applique

Peel off the tape protection paper and paste the applique on the sweater.

Bones applique

Stick fabric applique

Bone appliques

And you’re done!!


Please note that the largest patterns are split into 2 or more pages,so you have to print and cut out and join them together (with glue or tape) to get the entire pattern.

Purchase this pattern in

  • All Sizes

Purchase this pattern in

  • All Sizes

Important: please read this before printing the patterns:

How to measure your dog for clothing
Dog clothing sizing chart
Tips for printing patterns

Hope you enjoy it!


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