Dog shirt patterns

Hello everybody! How are you? I hope you are fine. We are very happy because after many days working we can finally share with you these dog shirt patterns that I wanted to do a long time ago, and many times you have asked me.

Dog shirt

It is perfect for male puppies, gives them a very formal and elegant look.
This will be the first of several shirt designs I plan to do. It will be the first and most simple for those who need to make a shirt but the easiest way possible.
Later I will create other shirt designs with more details and complexity, more formal, suitable for ceremonies and special days.

Dog shirt pattern

Shirt pattern dog

dog shirt sewing patterns

So let’s start!

Basically there are two types of collars. The simplest, made from only one piece for example the polo’s collars. And also there are those that have two parts: the collar and the stand (a strip of fabric that supports the collar)

In this design, as you can see, the collar is made from one piece, without the part of the stand, the collar is attached directly to the body shirt, that’s because I say it’s a simpler collar.

Here some pictures of Tara with her shirt on an outdoor photo shoot…

Dog patterns

Tara canine model wears a size M.

Dog shirt pattern

seductive look

Dog pattern shirt

… smells like cupcakes …

Dog pattern sewing

I climb? too high!

Dog shirt patterns

Look how well it sees from behind.


With these patterns you can make a formal shirt for wedding but you can also make more casual shirts like Hawaiian style or square.
In the case that you need a shirt to wear a tie or bow tie although this design goes without stand you can use it alike.
When sewing the collar it is recommended to place a thick fabric or interfacing between the two pieces of fabric to make it more rigid.

For more formal shirts I recommend to use light or neutral plain colors or with very thin stripe, and for more casual shirts flowers or larger squares.

You can add accesories such as pockets, shoulder strap, cuffs, etc…


Below you can see a preview of the patterns:

Dog shirt patterns

There are 5 patterns:

1.Back: cut with the fabric folded in half

dog shirt patterns cutout

2.Collar: cut with the fabric folded in half to make it twice as long. Cut out two identical pieces of fabric and one more piece of interfacing

3.Front: cut 2, one of each side of pattern piece so you have 2 opposite or mirror pieces.

Shirt patterns cut

4.Placket: cut 2 identical pieces .

5.Sleeve: cut 2, one of each side of pattern piece so you have 2 opposite pieces, the right sleeve and left sleeve.

And a picture of all the pieces already cut out:

Shirt patterns

Purchase this pattern in

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Purchase this pattern in

  • All Sizes


1.Attaching the placket to the front: Place the PLACKET over the FRONT with right sides facing together and sew the raw edge. Finish this seam with zig zag stitch to prevent fraying.

Attach Placket

Do not forget to finish with zig zag stitch the loose raw edge of the placket to prevent fraying.

Shirt Plackets

2.Preparing the placket. Now make a small cut (1/2 inches) on the middle top of the placket. See image below:

Placket Cut

Now sew where is indicated (in white) in the image below (with right sides of PLACKET and FRONT facing together) to make a corner. Zig zag stitch to secure.

Placket Sewing

Then turn right side out. It will look like this:

Corner Placket

Topstitch the inner seam of the placket to secure:

Topstitch Placket

Repeat steps 1 to 2 with the other side.

3.Sewing the shoulder’s seams. Place the FRONT and BACK pieces with right sides facing together. Sew and zig zag to secure. It will look like this.

Sewing Shoulders

Turn right side out. It will look like this:

Shoulders seam

4.Sew two collar pieces with the interfacing with right sides facing and overlock.Cut corners of seam allowances and turn the collar right side out.

Sew shirt collar

Iron and edgestitch along the outer edge of the collar.

Stitch shirt collar

5.Attach the collar to the bodice. Match the center-back of the raw edge of the collar to the center-back of the bodice neck’s edge and pin to hold. Check to make sure that the collar ends in the middle of the plackets. Sew one fabric layer of the collar with the interfacing to the bodice. Let the other fabric layer loose.

Sewing Shirt Collar

Now sew the other collar layer. Tuck the seam allowances under the folded edge of the collar, just covering the seam line as shown in the animated picture below and edge-stitch:

Sew shirt collar

Topstitch Collar

So the collar looks perfect inside and out!

Sewing shirt collar

Dog shirt collar

6.Overlock the raw end edge of the sleeve.Fold outward and edge stitch to make the cuff. Below you have an explanatory image to know how to sew the sleeve.

How sew sleeve

7.Attach the sleeves to the bodice. First pin the sleeves. With right sides of the fabric facing together, sew each sleeve to the armhole curve and overlock this seam.

Sew sleeve shirt

8.Pin the sleeves and side seams together and sew the sleeves starting from the cuff all the way down, around the armpit, and down the entire side of the shirt and zig zag.

Sew shirt sleeve

9.Make the bottom hem and overlock.

Sew shirt hem

10.Make buttonholes and sew the buttons.

And you’re done!


Please note that the largest patterns are split into 2 or more pages,so you have to print and cut out and join them together (with glue or tape) to get the entire

Purchase this pattern in

  • All Sizes

Purchase this pattern in

  • All Sizes

Men’s shirts button left over right and women’s shirts button right over left.

Important: please read this before printing the patterns:

How to measure your dog for clothing
Dog clothing sizing chart
Tips for printing patterns

Hope you enjoy it!