Dog Christmas Dress Patterns

Oh oh oh Christmas is here!! Elves are already working wrapping gifts, reindeer ready to go, holiday street lights and carols ringing… And you? Are you ready? Not yet?

Dog christmas patterns

Well don’t worry because Tara and I have the patterns ready to sew this exclusive and charming Dog Christmas dress

Dog christmas dress patterns

This dog Christmas dress can also be a great gift idea this holiday season to give to friends and family pets. The most beautiful and unforgettable gift is one made ​​with your own hands, dedicating time and effort! don’t you think?!

Christmas dress

Free christmas dress pattern

For male dogs you can make our santa claus outfit.

We can also use small sizes of the patterns to dress other small pets such as cats or bunnys, etc…

To make this dog Christmas dress you can use red and white fleece or velvet fabric.I think using red tartan plaid is also a great election.For the collar and the strip at the end of the skirt you can use white plush fabric or faux fur.

Now some pictures of Tara wearing her new christmas dog dress:

Sew dog christmas dress

Free dog christmas dress

Dog christmas patterns

The patterns are six:

1.BACK: cut with the fabric folded in half
2.SKIRT: cut with the fabric folded in half. Note that the skirt pattern is longer than the waist strip because it goes gathered.
3.FRONT:cut 2 one of each side of pattern piece so you have 2 opposite pieces
4.COLLAR:cut 4 equal pieces, 2 are for the lining so you have to make it with lining fabric.
5.SLEEVE:cut 2 one of each side of pattern piece so you have 2 opposite pieces, right sleeve and left sleeve.
6.WAIST STRIP:cut the fabric folded in half to make it twice as long.

xmas dress patterns

Also have to cut a strip to make sleeve cuffs and other strip for the end of the skirt with plush fabric or faux fur.

As embellishments I added a large white bow with small perl beads and a cord with pom poms (very Christmassy).

Bow christmas dress

But you can also add some pockets to the skirt or details like a rhinestone buckle etc…

To fasten the dress we can put some buttons or velcro.

How to sew the dress step by step:

1.Sewing the placket: First sew zig zag stitch the raw edge of the front pieces (nº 1) . Fold the placket inwards (with right sides facing together) and make a small cut 1/2 inch on the middle top (nº 2 ).Then sew that little stretch to make the corner, and zig zag (nº 3 ) turn right side out.Finally stitch the inner seam of the placket to secure (nº 4).

Sew dress xmas

2.Sew two decorative white strips on the middle of the back.

Back strips

3.Sewing the shoulders. Sew the fronts and back of the dress together at the shoulders and zig zag.

Sew shoulders dress

4.Sewing the collar. Sew each fur collar piece with its own lining piece and zig zag. Let the top opened. Turn inside out. Repeat with the other half of the collar.
It should look like the image below.

fur collar dress christmas

Attach the two halves of the collar to the bodice and zig zag this seam to prevent fraying. You should only sew the furry side of fabric. The lining of the neck should now be loose (to sew later)

sewing dog collar dress

To sew the other side of the collar (the collar’s lining ) place the collar lining covering this seam and edge stitch to close. See the animated image below .

how to sew collar dress

I preferred to hand sewing this seam because the fabric was thick and it was more easy like this but can be done in two ways: by hand and machine
In this way the seam looks perfect for the right side and the wrong side.

sewing collar dress

5.Sewing the sleeves: first sew the strip (cuff) to the sleeve and sew zig zag. After with right sides of the fabric together, sew each sleeve to the armhole curve and zig zag.
Finally Pin the sleeves and side seams together and sew the sleeves starting from the cuff all the way down, around the armpit, and down the entire side of the dress and zig zag.

sewing sleeve dress

6.Sewing the skirt: Sew the waist strip to the gathered skirt and zig zag this seam.

gathered skirt

Then sew the waist strip to the back and front pieces and zig zag.When you’re done it should look like this:

sewing dog xmas dress

Note that waist strip must exceed more than 1/2 inch long to make a hem (see the image below).

Sew waist strip

7.Sew the fur trim at end of the skirt all around .

8.Sew the bow, make buttonholes and sew the buttons .
and you are done!
Enjoy your new dog Christmas dress!!


Please note that: the largest patterns are split into 2 or more pages,
have to print and cut out and join them together to get the entire

Important: please read this before printing the patterns:

How to measure your dog for clothing
Dog clothing sizing chart
Tips for printing patterns

Merry Christmas


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